Dear Sidney,

When sixteen looks like sweat stained clothes and muddy boats, Momma can’t help but thank God for your work ethic.

When sixteen sings off key and laughs at stupid jokes, Momma can’t help but thank God for your humor.

When sixteen falls off then hops back on the horse,

when it leaves behind the comfort of familiar faces,

when its worst fears become its best days,

Momma can’t help but thank God for your perseverance.

Somewhere along the way six became sixteen.

The bundle of long legs wrapped in a pink blanket became the best daughter, the best sister, the best friend, the best woman.

When sixteen looks like you Sidney, your Momma couldn’t be more proud.

Happiest of birthday’s my love.

This is your year.

My whole heart always,


Yes I did consider Skee-Lo, but instead- no mountain too high, always here.

The Ducks

Six new ducks made their way to the farm.

Some decisions take time and others are arrived at quickly.

The choice to raise ducklings came in a split second.

Only after their arrival did I become aware of their benefits.

Turns out ducks are hardier and healthier then chickens. They will manage the changing seasons with little concern.

Our ducks will help control the insect population and they will lay eggs that provide more protein and are better used in baked goods then the speckled eggs our chickens will yield.

Winston, Vid, Ray, Duckie, Dawn and No Name welcome to Avonlea. Thanks, in advance, for your service.