Moments from the Week – A week in pictures

So the week started out with this little girl getting rid of some metal on her mouth.


And then she headed to her very favorite place in the world, the barn, where her sisters sat in the trunk of the car and ate Cheez-It’s while she road to her hearts content.


On Wednesday I traveled to Long Island and into New Jersey to learn about how two different facilities care for children that are medically complex. A day spent learning from the best and seeing the most amazing kids. Both facilities were beyond impressive.

The Chapel at St. Mary’s Pediatric Facility on Long Island and the views from the patient rooms were breathtaking.

photo(67) photo(61)

Thursday we all recovered from Wednesday and I was able to log some much needed city miles after work. Once upon a time I hated running in the city but I now find myself looking forward to warm nights running through German Village while others sit in rush hour traffic trying to head home.

We closed the book on another school year on Friday so that meant last day of school parties. Ellie suffered through them for the sake of her big sisters.


She was rewarded with a trip to Sweet and Sassy for our traditional end of school year/pre-vacation haircut.


On Monday we leave for Disneyworld so today will be the mad dash to get us ready as I have successfully put off doing anything to prepare us for this trip until today. There will be many stops for coffee and for donuts as I bribe them and myself to get through it.

Turning the page to a new week and looking forward to new adventures.

Growing Up

She didn’t sign up to do this alone.

And she never planned to miss nights singing babies to sleep.

This girl here dreamed of a house full of children and a life filled by moments with a man who adored her.


She didn’t anticipate a life without a prince.


But, life doesn’t turn out how we planned when we are seven.

Wings are grown and dreams take flight.

Winds take us in different directions.

Babies sleep away from their mom and the young girl who thought she had it all realizes that she still does; it’s just turned out differently then she planned.

So after a day full of work and school,

play and activities;

she will sing them lullabies and listen to their breathe as they drift off.

Tomorrow they will sleep without her.

But on Sunday afternoon when they are back in her arms again and she returns to the rhythm of mothering, she will relish the moments apart and together.

No life does not turn out how we expect

but adapting to its changing rhythms is truly how we experience its magic.



Loving her

Yesterday afternoon I fell down a flight of stairs.

My big toe kinda, sorta, hurt alot.

Last night the girls were with their Dad so I could not pass up the chance to run in 80 degree weather.

I came back to my office after three miles to find my big toe was now really, really big and really black and blue.

The rest of the night was spent at urgent care where they x-rayed and gave the verdict of a torn ligament.

I came home to the girls full of oohs and aahs over the ugliness of my toe.

They couldn’t believe I ran on it. They wondered why I was so stubborn to keep running when it hurt.

It was in that moment that I thought of my mom. Truly, honestly, one of the most stubborn, bull-headed women you will ever meet.


She lives her life determined.

Life gets rough. Life gets hard. You have choices to make. Do you sit in the pain or do you move through it?

It’s hard to teach that lesson. Your kids have to watch it, see it lived to absorb the example.


Her lifetime of never giving up- on me, my brothers, my Dad and even herself.

One of my most vivid memories from childhood is my mom sitting at the dining room table.

Papers sprawled all around her, typewriter at her fingertips.

I was maybe 8 or 9, my brothers 5 and 11. My dad a full-time job at the hospital and his military life on the side.

There she sat amid the chaos of raising a family and supporting a husband, writing her masters thesis on the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Hundreds of pages of notes. Hours and hours of research all done while kids in school or husband at the office.

Her masters born out of sheer determination because she wanted it. She needed it for herself.

She would hate me writing this post.

I may never share it with her because the “mushy stuff” does not come as easily to her.

I will tell her tonight though that watching her live her life has been the most amazing example.

And that loving her has taught me how to¬† push on and to love myself…..


Days Measured in Moments

When I reflect on the week that has passed, I am awed by this life that I have been given.

The last 7 days have been pure awesomeness.

From visits with friends,


to races on the road and at home,


events that are beautiful perks of my job,


and evenings spent cuddling little girls.


All of these moments have measured up to one remarkable week.

Looking forward to seeing what next week has in store…..


Race Day Part 2


Tomorrow I am running 13.1 miles for one more time over the course of seven days. The Capitol City Half is on the agenda.

My weekend in Rochester for the Flower City Half was remarkable. Every moment of my time with the Johnson family was absolutely perfect- pre race pasta dinner out; race day filled with images of little boys, their dad and their grandparents cheering us on throughout the course; clay shooting in the afternoon; chiropractor visit (Thanks Lindsay!!) and an evening on the couch, ice packs on hips while Matt made dinner and the ladies drank wine. Yep it was perfection!!

Tomorrow will be different but no less gratifying.

I will hop in my car for a quick ride downtown and I will join over 14,000 runners (dear lord help me with my claustrophobia) for a run through my adopted hometown.

I know I won’t run my personal best, my 36 year old body is not completely recovered from Sunday, but I know it will be the perfect book end to an amazing 7 days.

Tomorrow’s run I will dedicate to my dad.

13.1 miles with him on my mind.

When I hit mile 10 and the pain in my hips sets in I have no doubt the images of him floating through my head will push me those last 3 miles.

And when I cross that finish line, instead of my dad standing there (arms crossed, massive grin on his face) I will have three little girls jumping up and down telling me what I always longed for him to say-

“I am so proud of you”.

Tomorrow I will lean into it.