Race Day Part 2


Tomorrow I am running 13.1 miles for one more time over the course of seven days. The Capitol City Half is on the agenda.

My weekend in Rochester for the Flower City Half was remarkable. Every moment of my time with the Johnson family was absolutely perfect- pre race pasta dinner out; race day filled with images of little boys, their dad and their grandparents cheering us on throughout the course; clay shooting in the afternoon; chiropractor visit (Thanks Lindsay!!) and an evening on the couch, ice packs on hips while Matt made dinner and the ladies drank wine. Yep it was perfection!!

Tomorrow will be different but no less gratifying.

I will hop in my car for a quick ride downtown and I will join over 14,000 runners (dear lord help me with my claustrophobia) for a run through my adopted hometown.

I know I won’t run my personal best, my 36 year old body is not completely recovered from Sunday, but I know it will be the perfect book end to an amazing 7 days.

Tomorrow’s run I will dedicate to my dad.

13.1 miles with him on my mind.

When I hit mile 10 and the pain in my hips sets in I have no doubt the images of him floating through my head will push me those last 3 miles.

And when I cross that finish line, instead of my dad standing there (arms crossed, massive grin on his face) I will have three little girls jumping up and down telling me what I always longed for him to say-

“I am so proud of you”.

Tomorrow I will lean into it.


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