We hold space for hearts and hands.

On watch, waiting for the call to come.

We didn’t just arrive here.

It was an aching we answered. One that first required months of pandemic pondering before we realized this was where he was asking us to be.

Now nearly two years into our journey, immeasurable times moved to tears by the process.

The babies who’ve passed through these doors, slept in that crib and cried in our arms.

The children who’ve made us giggle and reminded us that the world we live in is not ours alone.

And our own girls who grow with each placement, who love without regard. They make us believe in a better world.

Often, we are told what a blessing we are to these children. Each time I am stunned by friends and strangers’ affirmations.

Can they not see the blessing we receive is far greater than anything we give?

It is because of those gifts we can wait, in hopeful expectation, for the next call, our next yes.