Growing Up

She didn’t sign up to do this alone.

And she never planned to miss nights singing babies to sleep.

This girl here dreamed of a house full of children and a life filled by moments with a man who adored her.


She didn’t anticipate a life without a prince.


But, life doesn’t turn out how we planned when we are seven.

Wings are grown and dreams take flight.

Winds take us in different directions.

Babies sleep away from their mom and the young girl who thought she had it all realizes that she still does; it’s just turned out differently then she planned.

So after a day full of work and school,

play and activities;

she will sing them lullabies and listen to their breathe as they drift off.

Tomorrow they will sleep without her.

But on Sunday afternoon when they are back in her arms again and she returns to the rhythm of mothering, she will relish the moments apart and together.

No life does not turn out how we expect

but adapting to its changing rhythms is truly how we experience its magic.



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