When the school year ends the girls and I pack our bags and head out.

The kick off to summer break always begins with a trip.

This year we headed to Chicago for three nights with beautiful friends who have become family.

We love them with all our hearts (so does our Anja girl).

It was Anja’s first road trip as a part of this tribe,

and each night she was worn out from the cuddles.

We’re so grateful for these people who love us when they aren’t required to;

who open their home and their hearts, and

whose wisdom and counsel is always shared with our best interest in mind.

If there is one example my girls remember from their years with me, I hope it is of friendship.

Chose wisely my girls.

When you find the women who will willingly go all in,

hold on tight.

There is nothing better than a life lived with others whose only desire is to see you soar.






I can’t recall a time that our lives were not woven together.


Days of dress up in my room;

school field trips and projects;

birthday parties in her parent’s basement;

proms and graduations;

weddings and babies, and moves and heartbreak.


She knows the totality of my life.

And in those dark days when I shut the world out, she stood there waiting.

She doesn’t ask me for more than I can give.

Again and again she is there, a lifetimes worth of showing up.

Audrey calls her my forever friend,

a person you have known so long you can’t remember a time without them.

After a weekend spent together, where as always its as if we never missed a beat, I think about the blessing it is to have her as my forever, the beauty in the intersection of our lives.