Becoming Catholic

People frequently shrink from conversations about religion.

What one believes or doesn’t is not often discussed in public places.

How does a person in search of a religion then navigate the road?

We take tentative steps to inquire of those we know. We find other seekers who help to guide the way.

Soon months turn into years and we wonder if in the waiting for a sign we have found our sign.

On a quiet Sunday morning, with heads bowed in prayer, we finally decide that this place doesn’t just feel like home, it is home.

It doesn’t matter that we weren’t born of this tradition.

In this place we find beauty in the ritual; a comfort lines our hearts.

Faith is an act.

To live out the act we believe we must find the community to support us,

and so we have.

The journey is over, but the searching will never be complete.

This church is now the guide.