Audrey at 12

Dear Audrey Hope,

You are bold. You are brave. You are incredibly beautiful.

You tell stories, weaving words together and turning the mundane into magic.

When people come into your presence, they most immediately feel loved.

And that smile! It simply lights up our lives.This birthday feels different, a bit of nostalgia mixed in with the moment. The threshold of the teenage years crossed, earning more of your independence with each passing day.I want to keep you close, to protect you from the ugly this world can throw. But, in doing so, it would also hold you back from the joy that comes after the ache.

I am so very proud of you.

I know you will make good decisions.

Never doubt how much you are loved and how uniquely and wonderfully made you are.

I believe in you.



P.S.- This years birthday song says it better than I ever could






August 27, 2016


Dear Sidney,

I am very proud of you.


You are an exceptional young women.


You are bright.


You are kind.


You are loving.


You have a strong moral compass that you aren’t afraid to share with others.


Some of my greatest moments of joy in life are catching you in prayer, seeing you carry Ellery and watching you stand up for Audrey when you think someone has wronged her.


I could not feel more blessed that God choose me to be your Momma. But, I have to tell you, when you leaned over the other night and whispered in my ear that I was your best friend, I also felt profoundly grateful that you see me as your confidante.


I promised you I wouldn’t get swept up today in the emotion of the moment.

This day is about celebration.


Celebrating the remarkable young woman you are becoming.


Today we will stay up late and laugh until our belly’s hurt.

We will shop and swim and eat.

We will mark the day with friends and family that are helping you be your best self.

I love you Sidney Reagan.

Happiest of birthday’s my dear.

Twelve looks really good on you.


Your one and only Momma


This year’s birthday song is one I hope carries you through the next twelve months.