The Week

The week has been a hard one.  A week that weighs heavy on my heart.

A week that started with such a high shortly disingrated into a moment that deeply affected me.

What I walk away with from this week is the reminder that Life, our life-this life, is fragile. It is fragile and it is beautiful.

So I leave you this week with some of the things that have helped me to move through the days.

What I am reading:

In words the gift of siblings:

Just finished this one. My grandfather served as a mechanic for Lindbergh on one of his flights abroad. Pictures of this hero peppered my childhood along with stories of his ego and temper. Interesting to read this account which is not a work of non fiction but a historical fiction.

Ells has been obsessed with this one. Every night before bed I am “required” to read it and this week I choose to really focus on the words and the book proved helpful to me.

What I am listening to:

Darius Rucker- Take Me Home (could not find a link to put here that would send me to the actual song so encourage you to listen to the spotify version)

I and love and you. A favorite that seems to be on repeat this week.

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