Moments from the week: A week in pictures

This is how I started my week. 6:45am on monday morning as I pull out of my driveway and head to work. I had to stop the car to snap a picture.


Cannot wait until we head to Jekyll Island in August. Brock bought this mug on one of our first trips down to the Golden Isles. He has his coffee in it every morning. Think he needs a new one?


We’ve had some pretty major storms over the last week. In the early morning hours of Wednesday two little visitors crawled into our bed after a particularly vicious storm went through. This is how things looked in our room at 6:30am (note the very wet and scared dog that also decided to jump into our bed).


Who knew someone could be so excited to install new mats in a truck? And yes those mats were a present for his 36th birthday. Wow are we old or what?


Ellie is very helpful when I try to procrastinate. I didn’t feel like running so instead of helping a mama out by taking a few pictures with her she announced “Mama I don’t have time for pictures”.


The storms finally stopped and we were able to get out last night to do some flower picking and roast marshmallows over the fire pit.


Audrey had her final day of gymnastics camp today so of course we had to take her out to lunch to celebrate.


Looking forward to this week. Brock is taking Sid out on the boat for some late night catfishing.

Tomorrow we have a wedding for one of Brock’s coworkers which translates into loads and loads of time minus children for the two of us.

Sunday will be spent “fish shopping”. We promised Ellie she could get a fish when she was potty trained and wouldn’t you know the little girl made up her mind this week that she no longer wanted to wear diapers. Just like that and after 8 years we are now a diaper free house. That girl deserves a fish!

One final thing. Check out the following. Nail on head. I don’t know why I feel the need to justify why I watch this show but here’s a few reasons.

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