Moments from the Week- Georgia here we come

I don’t think my family could be any more excited to see this week come to an end. The ending of this week marks the start of our summer trip to the Golden Isles of Georgia (we visit St. Simons Island every December and Jekyll Island every August).

I would like to say that I was up at 4:45 this morning because I was too excited for our trip but in reality “the boy” had his own ideas. He woke me up to show me the disaster area he made of our downstairs . I am assuming he decided to tear up a wicker basket and relieve himself on my new hallway rug because he saw the suitcases and was traumatized. But honestly, he is an 8 month old puppy and no one knows why he does what he does.

So in my sleep deprived but heightened state of awareness this morning (2 cups of coffee in already) I decided to do my last blog post from the safe confines of my Ohio home. In a few hours we will be off on our adventure but we did manage to squeeze in some fun this week.


Yes those are green beans. Yes we grew them in our backyard. And yes there are only three of them but we nurtured those little guys until we could eat them.

ellie cooking

My Ellie girl loves to bake. Brownies were her choice on Wednesday night.

Here are more things that spoke to me this week. Enjoy your weekend.

What I am listening to:

Josh Abbott Band She Will Be Free

Bart Crow If I Go I’m Goin

What I am reading:

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