Moments from the Week- a moment of clarity and a week in pictures


As many know this week has been full of ups and downs as my father in law was admitted to the hospital and subsequently spent a couple of days in the ICU. Thankfully he is now on the road to recovery (still in the hospital but on a regular floor) and we are incredibly grateful for the prayers and positive thoughts that have enveloped our family.

My moment of clarity came when I was smacked in the face with the harsh realities of a loved ones hospital stay and the complexities of everyday living. When someone you love is seriously ill you spend your moments praying for their recovery and walking the world in a haze, yet there remains riding lessons to get to, homework to be done, presentations to write and birthdays to celebrate. I am grateful beyond measure that this medical journey was over in the course of a week but what hit hard was the realization of how so many family’s deal in this reality for weeks and months at a time. They juggle it all while trying to support and care for an ill loved one…..

Here are some of our highlights from the week in picture form:

Our youngest Ellery Jane, named after two of the strongest most fearless women who walked this earth,has turned into just that- a fearless little 3-year-old!

birthday girl

Sidney is preparing hard for her first show this weekend. She had three lessons over the course of 5 days and a trip to the store to pick up her riding gear this week.


This was our Audrey girl last night. Not sure if you can tell but she had already had a bath and was heading up to bed when she realized that she had homework she needed to complete and of course no sharp pencil to be found. 


Our 4-year-old Welsh Springer Spanial had what appears to be a seizure yesterday afternoon so the little girls and I spent part of last night at the vet while Brock took Sid to riding. Poor girl was worn out after her adventure but we are hopeful she too is on the mend.


 Finally god love the boy! Now that we can actually see his eyes we can tell when he is begging. This is a daily occurance in our house. 


Finally the song that helped me through the week:

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