Chasing the Week

Sometimes the days fly by in such a blur you feel like all you’ve done is chase them down all week.

And finally, when given the chance to pause at 6am on Saturday morning with a blanket of freshly fallen snow lining the backyard and three little girls sleeping in other places, you realize that the days flying by were a gift. A gift not in that time moved so fast, but a gift in that your days were so full of love and adventure that you hardly had time to realize it when moving through them.

Every Monday morning at 8:30am I meet with my boss. Often on a Sunday night at 8pm I find myself scrolling through the previous weeks emails to refresh my memory and gather my thoughts before our weekly standing. It can be overwhelming when you look at life through the lens of an inbox. But this morning, when trying to recall all that filled my week, I went to my inbox – this time not focusing on the work but on everything else.

There was the $5 Starbucks gift card emailed to me by a former coworker now turned dear friend. She just wanted me to know she was thinking of me. The love in that simple act reminding me of all of our “coffee breaks” together over the years.

There were the countless emails planning for a trip to the range with a coworker. On Thursday night that hour and a half trip made me feel unbelievably strong and capable.

There were the emails about Sid’s desire to scout horses with her riding instructor. Ah the joy in her eyes when she came back that night from her adventure.

And there were emails from coworkers asking me to lunch or planning the pre-holiday party get together. The get together that coincidentally made me laugh until it hurt.

This is my life- my crazy, beautiful gift of a life.

How privileged am I to be able to chase down these days and run through these weeks?

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