I am not Superwoman.
I do not have all the answers.
Every day I fail.
I fail -
at home, 
at work,
in my relationships with others,
in my relationship with God.

We are taught from a very young age that we can have it all;
that we can succeed at absolutely everything.
But the fact of the matter is that no person can possibly live up to those

It is in the failing each day that we gain the most- 
the most insight,
the most humilty,
the most love.

I hope my girls walk away from their years with me with the understanding
that it is ok to fail.
Not that we are striving for nothing, but that in order to succeed we must
understand that the chances are just as good that we will fail. 
Failure adds, it does not diminish.

I am not the sum of my failures but I am their learning's.
They stretch me.

So tonight I will forgive myself for my failures.
I will forgive myself-
for the wrong words used with Ellie,
for the inattention to detail at Audrey's party,
for the promises I didn't keep,
for the misstep at work, 
for the failing to give thanks.

Tomorrow I will get up and try again.
I am not Superwoman.
I am simply a woman striving.

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