Moments from the week: A New Year in Pictures

The best part of our week was connecting with folks we haven’t seen in months. Kicking off the week by spending time with my Uncle and Aunt. The girls think of them like another set of grandparents and I appreciate that we all have another set of role models to look up to. photo(29)

New Year’s Eve had Sid coming into the office and working with me for a morning. There is something amazingly rewarding when you leave for home after 5 hours at the office and your little girl turns to you and says “I wish I could come to work with you everyday. That was so much fun Momma”. photo(28)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Audrey and Ellie were co-designing a piece of artwork for me.  photo(30)

New Year’s Eve Sidney had a friend sleepover and Audrey and Ellie were in bed by 9, so I curled up with two of my favorite guys to ring in the new year.


New Year’s Day saw me starting my detox and the big girls insisting we dine at Cheesecake Factory. My will power was strong and I enjoyed my salmon salad and no desert. Sid devoured their red velvet cheesecake (she has her daddy’s palate).


Finally, this one’s been on repeat this week-

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