Love Day

On Sunday morning we decorated for Valentine’s Day.

As a child I remember my mom pulling out the box of decorations before each minor holiday (Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, 4th of July ect) and getting a little rush. We didn’t just celebrate Christmas and Easter. We found a way to celebrate year round.

I want to carry that tradition on with my girls. Unfortunately, I don’t have a box of decorations for the minor holidays so the girls and I had to improvise.


Construction paper, markers and scissors were all we needed.


We spent an hour on these and I had to make the girls stop.


Incredibly simple. Cut out a heart, write on it something you love about one of your family members, then tape it to the kitchen cabinets. When we were finished we had this:


Now, each morning, I wake up and have these staring at me. And every night, when I am engaged in that last-minute game of what else can I accomplish before I fall asleep standing up, I look up from taking the dishes out of the dishwasher or making school lunches and I see these.

Best Valentine’s decorations ever.

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