For the Kids

I work at this remarkable place.

A place where kids from all over the country come to be treated by the world’s best and brightest and kindest.

A place where cutting edge research informs how those kids are cured.

A place that doesn’t take no for an answer, that continues to push the envelope on discovery.

And this year that place that saves so many played an important role in my transformation.

Work was my refuge and my friend this year. An unbelievably supportive team of coworkers helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and knowing that there was something greater that I was working for gave me the motivation to keep running.

Everyday I walked through those hospital doors and I was given a gut check.

My problems were not that big.

My mountains not so insurmountable.

These kids have bigger hurdles.

So as I continue my quest to run through 2014, my October race will be very special.

My coworkers and I will be running the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Half Marathon and we will be raising funds for this amazing place.

I know you are asked often by friends and family to support many amazing non profits.

But if you are looking for a way to end 2014 with a philanthropic gift, I encourage you to consider this place and this race as the time to do it.

It’s for the kids.





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