IMG_2024As we set out to tackle 2015, the girls and I sat down over the weekend to talk about individual goals for the new year. It’s an interesting conversation when you’re plotting life  with a 10, almost 8 and 4-year-old.

As usual they teach me more than I teach them, so with their help we’ve come up with quite a few goals for our new year.

Mine will include running 4 half marathons, picking up 4 new sports/physical activities and most importantly walking away from work for a full 2 weeks this summer to spend time with the girls on St. Simons Island.

Sidney has decided she wants to “dedicate herself to her riding”.

Audrey is stepping out of her comfort zone and is willing to “try new foods” and Ellie thinks she should watch more Winks and “learn how to dance better”.

We discussed the need to form goals for our little family as well and landed on a doozy – the four of us will spend time exploring our faith and finding a spiritual house to call home.

Each of my girls have strong feelings about their relationship with God but they also feel strongly that what we are doing each sunday doesn’t feel like “it should”. Some may disagree, but I believe they have every right to participate and decide on the path our family should take.

So here we head into the new year full of promises and plans.

Glad these little ladies are on this journey with me.



FullSizeRender (2)



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