For the run

I run because:

I am vain. I love the way it makes my legs look in a skirt.


I am cheap.  All I need are a pair of running shoes and an open road. When it’s that simple you find excuses to not work out are hard to come by.


I am a loner. My world is full of people. I love that about my life, but I am at my core a loner. Running is communion with myself.


I am Strong. I begin my day with a prayer.  Running is a daily reminder of how lucky I am to have this body as my own.


This weekend will see me running the North Face Endurance Challenge 10k in Park City, UT. The race begins at 6,900 feet elevation and my highest elevation will top out somewhere around 7,700 feet.

Typically I would characterize a 10k as “easy peasy”, but the elevation will make this run challenging.

The best part is that my Ellie girl will be there to cheer me on,

and that is really why I run.






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