Two years gone.

A lifetime lived.

Decades since that conversation which pulled the thread on a marriage.

In the months following book after book told me it would take two years to “return to normal”.

Two years and now I feel new not normal.

A new life built over these last 730 days.

It wasn’t always easy.

Nights and days spent questioning my purpose.

Wondering how I could move forward and learning to forgive myself.

But last night as I stood in a bookstore, girls reading quietly beside me, I paused in my reflection and spoke congratulatory words to the women I am now.

To come so far.

To live a life I can be proud of.

To acknowledge my faults but live in the glory of God’s grace.

The courage to reach for the next trapeze swing. No longer just hanging.

You’ve done good Heather.

Be proud of these two years and grateful for the journey.

Tyler Knott Gregson:

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