To be 9

Dear Audrey,

There is joy in your heart and beauty in your soul.


You are a pleasure to parent and a gift to those who have you in their lives.

You radiate love.

I have no reservation, no doubt, that you will do incredible good in your lifetime.


Nine years into your journey and you have already made a mark.



I remember the overwhelming sense of gratitude I felt in the moments and days after your birth.



My big, beautiful, healthy baby that slept through the night immediately and snuggled like no one ever snuggled before.


You are heading into a new year, a new opportunity for growth and change.

But let’s not lose sight of what makes you, you.

Your love of adventure (we made some great memories last year);



your desire to do good;


And your faithfulness to your friends, your family and your God.


I am excited to walk with you through this next year!

I promise more adventure and more magic.

walking away

Happy Birthday Audrey Hope.

You truly are extraordinary.

All my love,


P.S. This year’s song captures your energy. When we all heard it we knew it had to be yours:



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