The Mundane

I changed two light bulbs. They burnt out a month ago.

I went swimsuit shopping. Got depressed. Went shoe shopping.

I paid the bills.

Had the oil in my car changed. It was 3,000 miles overdue.

Thought a thousand times about how much I wanted to write something compelling before I realized the compelling was the mundane.

This is it.

This is the reality of two Saturday’s and Sunday’s each month.

There are long runs, dinners out with friends, travel and reading.

But most weekends this is all there is to write.

For the first 18 months I struggled with that solitude.

I thought my days of child free living had to be filled with adventure.

Slowly the tides turned and as always happens, life took priority.

I could be that woman at the grocery store alone.

The one at the car wash vacuuming out her SUV without children clamoring over her.

I didn’t need to turn every weekend into an adventure to fill the void of my loneliness.

There is beauty in the mundane and bravery in simply living.







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