To be loved



I often wonder how heavy the load must be to love a women who makes her home 532 miles from yours.

And yet, he never makes it feel like a burden, only as if to know me is the greatest blessing.

Loving this women when she can’t be there to physically support you in the everyday ordinariness of life.

He’s found ways to be ever-present. Many days I feel as if there’s not a second he has missed.

Regardless of where we end up, I know I will love him forever.

I’m not supposed to tell you that.

I’m not supposed to tell him that.

But, I made a promise to myself a long time ago that never again would I live a life that wasn’t fully authentic. And this life, has been more joyful, more hopeful, with him in it.

So when Ellery asks him if he “loves her Momma?”, and his response is clear, “I love your Momma”, it seems only natural to acknowledge with words, the one who entered in.

I prayed for you.

You came when God felt I was ready.



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