Moments From The Week

I think I will let my playlist stand as reference for how this week has gone!

For those who have been asking my mother in law’s open heart surgery went extermely well, so well that she may be discharged as early as today.

What I am listening to this week:

Who cares if it’s a song from the Twilight soundtrack and most likely everyone and their mother is familiar with it except for me who just heard it for the first time this week and now has it on repeat. Christina Perri’s Thousand Years:

Then there is this one- Liz Longley’s When You’ve Got Trouble

And finally there is Matt Maher’s  Lord I Need You Now:

What I am reading this week:

I love fall and what it brings – mega sized fashion magazines laying out the fall must have’s! I have spent the last week pouring over the following two style guides:

What moved me this week:

I continue to be moved by this commencement address. The words have hung with me the last two weeks and I promise not to forget them.

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