Walking into this weekend knowing this week I looked up every chance I could; realizing that life smacked me hard with its realities and they were beautiful.

The moment I watched the mom help her child off of the school bus. I was late picking up my own girls from school and frustrated with life, but the sight of the young girl lowered by the contraption designed to help those wheelchair bound leave the bus moved me. The look on the mom’s face welcoming her girl home. Their journey about the long country driveway, mom pushing  wheelchair with one hand and walker with the other.

My Audrey girl looking at me with her bright blue eyes telling me I never have time for her anymore. Pausing, breathing deeply and letting the moment take me. My six-year-old needed me more than those emails, more than that pile of laundry, more than the lame dog needing another round of heating pads and pills.

Sidney hair tangled in a brush and unable to get it out. Scissors in my hands after 30 minutes of unsuccessful attempts to remove it. Frustration from me as this was not my plan for 8:30 on a Tuesday night. Then again the look in the eyes as I tell her we will have to cut it out. The hairbrush finally released and her and I laughing that now she had a bald spot. Too bad I was too absorbed in the moment to take a picture. What a photo for the album that would have made- wooden hairbrush sticking out of a head with giant tears rolling down her face.  Ah but at least we took the moment to laugh.

The weekend is almost here. Thursday is upon me.

The week hit me and I looked up.

I realized that moments were made this week not by actions but by reactions.

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