October 23


On a gray day 6 years ago, as the turning of the page added another year to my mother’s life, my father passed away in her arms. The journey of life so starkly juxtaposed together.

For the last 5 passing’s of this day I have let myself sit in it- let myself be absorbed by the numbers on the calender; looking inward and thinking of nothing but my loss and the loss of my family.

This morning, I woke up, hopped on the treadmill and ran a quick three. Somewhere in my slumber I had decided that this October 23 would be different and I would face it down. I would run straight into it.

I think it’s a fitting test of my promise to spend the year looking up spending this day paying attention to all that surrounds me.

Ellie’s calling now. She’s wearing her new Sophia night-night gown and wants to dance at the ball.

I think I have a dance partner waiting.

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