Dear Sidney,

So, it’s here,

adulthood at your doorstep.

18 years feels like freedom but really, it’s gravity.

Grounded in a place and time that are of your choosing.

These years are yours.

You’ve earned the right to be here.

Your sound judgement,

your openness to change,

your willingness to sit in the hard stuff, knowing that growth always comes after the heartache;

you should be trusted with this time and place.

At 18, I wasn’t half the women you are today.

I found pleasure in the yes. The more I made others happy the more I thought I would find myself.

In fact, it was the opposite.

I lost myself in the yearning to be everything to everyone.

That is not your path.

You’ve found freedom in being uniquely you.

These will be some of the most profoundly moving years of life, so if you don’t mind, let me offer some wisdom you probably don’t need but I am aching to supply.

Remember nothing good happens after 2 a.m., but all ills can be cured with a greasy breakfast and a cup of peppermint tea.

Skip class.

No, really, skip class.

On those spring days when the rain clouds finally part and the world is on fire with the promise of summer, leave the books behind, grab your hammock and spend a day in Schenley Park soaking in the magic of the moment.

Stay open to the viewpoints of others and stand ready to acknowledge that life is not black and white, grey is the best place to find a home.

Remember that there is an army of people who believe in you. You are not beholden to them,

yet they stand ready to support you with Ramon noodles, Dunkin runs and unconditional love.

Take heart my love that when I see you, I see the best of this world. While some may break your heart your goodness will endure. You will leave this world a better place.

Thank you for the gift of these 18 years.

The opportunity to stand beside you and watch the remarkable journey of my heart walking outside my body is the greatest joy of my life.

I love you more the words can say.

Happiest of birthday’s my beautiful girl.


Your one and only Momma


I’ve been waiting to use this one….

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