Year 12

September 24, 2022

Dear Ellery Jane,

These passing of years has me tied in all kinds of knots. It seems like just a second ago you entered our world and put everything in focus.

Now you are 12 and the elementary years are squarely behind us. But you, more than any of my children, is willing to let me hold on a little tighter, snuggle a little longer and linger in this moment.

Not yet a woman and clearly not a little girl, you allow me hold on to that trapeze swing a few seconds longer. The movement into the land of young adulthood is evident but thank you for indulging me.

Ellery Jane you are fierce.

A person who knows themselves is sure to set the world on fire. You are an inferno.

Pay attention to the voice inside. The one that tells you what feels right and true.

More than anything I want you to understand how beautifully unique and wonderfully made you are.

Middle school can plant seeds of doubt. Don’t let comparison force your down. Know that your value comes not from a building with lockers, but a heart with chambers.

I love you endlessly baby girl, and I am not the only one.

You have a family that adores you and friends that want the best for you.

Here’s to the yellow brick road ahead. These days that will shape and mold you.

Nothing is impossible.

Stand up and believe in the strength of your being.

Happiest of birthday’s Ellery Jane.


Your one and only momma.

PS- This year’s song is everything and more.

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