An open letter to friends and family

Dear Friends and Family,
We apologize for this mass e-mail instead of personal correspondence with each of you, but as you know we both value the written word and felt it the best way to convey this news.

We have decided to divorce.

We know this will come as a shock to many of you and it is already rocking our worlds, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that our priority is the children.

We have created an amazing life for these happy, contented, well-adjusted young ladies and we still view the five of us as a family regardless of whether or not their parents live in the same house. Those of you who know us well (which means everyone on this email) know that we have always charted our own course and don’t always do things by society’s perception of the “rule book”.

So keeping that in mind some thoughts for you to consider:

1. There are no sides. We have arrived at this decision with a great deal of thought and consideration. We are not angry with each other. In fact we love and appreciate each other so deeply that we have chosen this course for the betterment of our individual well-beings.

2. In light of the above – please don’t feel the need to eliminate either one of us from your lives. We love and respect each one of you and the role you play in the lives of our significant other.

3. We plan to continue to be a family so that means you will see us together a lot- at school, gymnastics, basketball and even at holiday gatherings. We want this period to be as stable for the kids as possible.

4. We will need your support and love- a listening ear, a hug, a kind gesture will help sustain us through this time. But please don’t use this time as an opportunity to speak ill of our significant other to us. We may need to bitch, moan and complain but what we need most from you is the space to do that and the knowledge that you will not use it against us or our partner in the future.

5. Finally for the kids, give them hugs, kisses and love. Give them the grace to approach you on the topic if they so desire. We ask this of you because our children don’t think of themselves as different. They are well aware of what is occurring between their parents and they feel very much loved and supported by both of us. Too many staring gazes or pitiful expressions from well-intended friends and family will only serve to make them question what they believe to be true.

Thank you for your love and support of our marriage over the last 14 years. Regardless of what happens legally in the weeks and months ahead we will always be proud of what we have accomplished together.

Much love,
Brock and H

One thought on “An open letter to friends and family

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this but you have a beautiful family and I’m happy to hear you will remain strong together! We are here if you need anything….

    Nathan & Jen

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