picking up pieces

How does one continue on with a blog entitled “joyful life” when life doesn’t feel so joyful right now?

How do you look up at the world around you when you feel entitled to weeks and months spent hidden under covers?

I’m finding the answer in taking living one day at a time. Slowing down from the incredible force with which this life moves and making myself find joy in every moment.

There are long conversations with neighbors turned friends where they remind you to not turn away.

There are evenings on a treadmill where you are grateful for the lung capacity to keep breathing when your legs are on fire and you heart physically aches.

There are soccer lessons where your middle child shows up and turns out to be the only girl on a team with 11 other boys. Moments spent in awe of that 6-year-old in her head to toe pink taking on the boys, no fear.


There are dear friends who share their good news with hopes it will bring a smile to your face. And it does, because their news makes you feel like life does and will go on.

And there are little girls who make you bracelets to wear so that when you are alone all you need to do is look down and feel them with you.


I am not sure what today holds but I know I will find my pockets of joy.


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