Friday Visitors and Moments From the Week

Today Aunt Ra Ra comes (Rachel is one of my very dear friends from college who Sid nicknamed Ra Ra when she was learning how to talk)

She is bringing her son Maddox who has the best smile on the planet.

My girls have been waiting for this all week.

Audrey plans to play Power Rangers with Maddox until they fall over.

Sidney is taking her Aunt to see one of her riding lessons.

Ellie believes she is sleeping in the same bed as Maddox (I haven’t had the heart to tell her no yet).

The visit will be good for our hearts.

Something’s that moved me this week:

What I saw:


When you work at a Children’s Hospital you sometimes become numb to the parade of celebrity guests that come through your door. Not that they are not 100% appreciated but it becomes more common place. This week, the site of these guys hit me hard. Almost the entire Bluejackets team showed up to hand out gifts and work on crafts with our kiddos. Do you know how long a hockey season is and how often these guys are on the road away from their families? They all came open arms and smiles with wagons full of toys. Not only are our children very sick, over 50% of them come from low-income families. The majority of these kids have never even seen an American Girl catalogue let alone own one of those precious dolls. Those big, tough guys handed them out.  A reminder how lucky I am to work where I do.

ellie pumpkin

Ellie girl carved her first pumpkin (technically mama carved it and has the scars to prove it). She was so proud. I can’t tell you how much I didn’t want to carve three pumpkins. I hate the whole process of it- the cutting, the gutting, the mess. Oh but I am so glad I did it just for moments like the above.

What I am reading:

An interesting look at faith through a geographical lens. Faith not defined by religious denomination but by where you were born and raised.

What I am listening to:

Oh I know it’s clichéd but this ones on repeat especially when I run. We had it in the air, we just couldn’t land it.

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