Life Lately

The divorce has consumed me. As we drew closer to the moment we would sign those papers, I felt as if I were walking to my own execution. A bit dramatic yes, but very much the feeling in my soul.

Now that it is here, gone and life has kept moving there is a sense of relief.

While it has been important for me to write about it, we have moved through this place.

I am ready to focus again on life.

So today as the snow fell and I realized we had nowhere to be and nothing to do, I relished the chance to live in the moment with the girls.

There was the “sticky blocks” as Ellie calls them.

sticky blocks

And Sidney volunteering to clean my kitchen.


There were verses to memorize and write on the kitchen wall.


And of course snow to shovel (we definitely needed our Dora umbrella to get it done).


We finished the day with our own Oscar pre-show party. Come on, no one watches the Oscar’s anymore it’s all about the pre-show party (or it is when you have kids who need to be in bed by 8:30). We critiqued the clothes and laughed at Ellie’s obsession with Kelly Osbourne’s hair “Momma is that really purple?” “Momma why did she color it purple?” “Momma it’s really ugly!”


Yes that is life lately and it is glorious.

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