I had another blog post written in my head for this morning but then last night happened and as I was getting ready for work today I knew I had something else I wanted to share.

Two things actually

1. Music heals the soul

2. I want to be my friend Kari (or really I want to see myself approaching life the way she does)

To the first, Kari and I went to hear Green River Ordinance last night at Skully’s Music Diner (

You know in high school how you had that  playlist you’d listen to before a big game or athletic event you were participating in (except back then it wasn’t known as a playlist it was referred to as a cassette tape that you dubbed from the radio)? Anyway, these guys are that playlist for me. I listen to them every morning when I run and they pump me up for the day. They are my happy list that gets me motivated to tackle it all.

Skully’s, in my humble opinion, is one of the best places to hear live music in Columbus. Intimate, approachable, great set up and most importantly a place that doesn’t make me feel like an old, soccer mom trying to be a college student for the night. It takes me as I am!

Last night I just felt happy. For an hour and 30 minutes all was right with my world and it was all so good.

Secondly, this happened


I know the picture’s a little grainy, but that’s me and the guitar player for the band. Kari and I decided he was a Keith Urban look-alike. Kari asked him to take a picture with me.

You see Kari does that kind of stuff.

She makes me stand in the front row, take pictures with adorable band members who are probably a decade younger than me and stay out late on a school night.

As I was brushing my teeth this morning the phrase that popped into my head when thinking about Kari was this-

She lives life boldly.

I love that about Kari.

She’s the first one to hop up on stage and sing, or dance until her feet fall off. She’s always game for an adventure and she encourages her children to be open in that way as well.

I spend too much time thinking about what others think of me. Wondering how I will be perceived.

I would have never approached a band member for a photograph. What if he says no?

I would have stood at the back of the venue and swayed to the music, beer in hand. What if I stood up front and people couldn’t see over my 5’7 frame?

Nope, Kari encourages me to take chances, to live in the moment. Her example encourages me to Live Boldly.

So that’s my plan for the rest of the year.

1. Listen to more live music

2. Live my life more Boldly

Thanks Kari for an amazing evening. I love you!


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