Father’s Day

Tomorrow we will wake up early for a trip to Far and Away Farms where Sid will ride her pony and the girls, Brock and I will cheer her on.

We will come home covered in barn dust and cheerful from her well-earned ride to celebrate Father’s day at my house.

A cookout is on the agenda where the girls will “prepare” steak and asparagus while Brock and I ponder how quickly 9 years have flown by from that first Father’s Day spent with a ten month old toddling through the house on Hickory Valley Drive.

Being a Dad to three young ladies is a profoundly BIG job. Not that parenting all together isn’t big but there is something enormous about being given the privilege of shepherding three little ladies through this life.

Instilling in them a healthy dose of confidence and humbleness;

patience and assertiveness;

love of adventure in the bigger world but connective tissue that draws them home.

I am grateful my ladies have Brock.

I am grateful we can continue to parent together even though our marriage did not sustain.

Tomorrow there is joy.

Happy Father’s Day Brock.




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