And then she was 10


Dear Sidney,

Today you turn 10. You hit the double digits!

You will celebrate by eating Krispy Kreme with your classmates and having dinner out tonight with your sisters, dad and I. You must wait until Monday evening for your true birthday celebration at the barn with your riding friends. Given the opportunity to do anything for your big day this year, that is all you wanted, a night with your horses.

It seems like yesterday I watched you hop on a pony for your first lesson and here you are today a veteran show rider and horse enthusiast.

Now is the part of your annual birthday letter where I start to wax melancholy about how time has flown. As I type I can almost hear you –“Mom I’m not going anywhere. I’m just turning 10.”  Given your intolerance for my weepyness I will just skip right through the trip down memory lane and head to the meat of it.

Sidney you are one amazing young lady.

Your smile lights up a room.

Your passion for your friends and your ponies fills my heart with such joy.

Your work ethic is incredible.

What other 9-year-old would come home from the first day of fifth grade only to sit down at her computer and “work ahead” because she did not feel “challenged” by the day’s activities?

I love watching the person you are becoming;

the young woman you are turning into.

You my love are everything good and perfect in this world.

You are strong.

You are smart.

You are beautiful.

I feel so privileged for the front row seat I’ve been granted to watch your glorious life unfold.

I hope I can always be a rock for you, the steady hand you need to guide you on this journey.

No doubt your tenth year will be amazing.

Happy Birthday Sidney Reagan.

You are my heart set free.


Your one and only Momma

P.S. This one makes me think of us and the next stage of our relationship.






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