Fall Changes

It’s moving fast.

I’m always amazed by the incredible swiftness of life this time of year.

Overnight we’ve changed from the lazy days of summer where adventures sit around every corner and the sun never sets to this new season of deadlines, homework and preplanned activities.

Even the girls bodies are effected. They fall asleep nestled under covers and awaken as if emerging from a cocoon now too tall for yesterday’s pants; feet too large for their glass slippers.

Don’t get me wrong I love the rhythm of this time of year. The chance to get back into a routine. But I am always moved by visual reminders of the rapidness of life changes that present in this season.

We start preschool. Where we long for old teachers and familiar classmates.photo (23)

We ride new horses when treasured friends have found new homes.

photo (24)

We take up new activities. Trying to carve a place for ourselves at the table too.

photo (25)

And we pause and reflect in the midst of it all. A sunday morning paper, big girls consumed by books and a little sister insisting that while the pool may be closed she will still wear her water wings and pretend it’s summer. Because “You know Momma, next year I won’t need these”.

photo (26)

Yep Ellery Jane you are right, next summer you won’t….


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