Saying Goodbye

peter pan quoteIt came quickly;

saying goodbye to this magical place.

A place where little girls grew in confidence and Momma’s watched dreams take root.

photo (31)

I don’t know that it would have been any easier had she (or I) seen it coming.

The closing of those barn doors,

the selling of the horses,

the disbanding of teammates turned friends.

photo (36)

Teaching a 10-year-old to say good-bye is hard even when her life has not been immune to change.

photo (32)

Her riding was and is her refuge.

photo (34)

This place was our families safe spot.

photo (33)

Many hours logged here on horses and playing in pastures.

photo (35)

How do you teach children the value in saying good-bye? How do you show them there is as much to be gained in the farewell as there is in the hello?

We talked about how it’s ok to sit in the moment, cry and grieve what no longer will be;

that good-bye is a requirement to take part in the next step on the journey.

I’m not sure I had the right answers.

She laughed at my attempt to turn yet another moment into a life lesson; rolled her eyes at the absurdity of my words.

But, we are moving forward.

Each day more resolute that we will find that safe spot again, that place where her dreams can take flight.

Waiting for that hello.



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