To Run


Monday morning found me in the desert logging 7.5 miles.

Surrounded by the most breathtaking views.

Sun rising as I ran; red glow, clear air.

I focused on my mechanics.

The planting of my feet,

the moving of my hips,

the rhythm of my breath.

At least 5 of my runs each week are spent on the treadmill.

It’s just the nature of my life.

When given the chance to log miles outside, I feel completely free and unencumbered in a way that’s almost impossible to articulate.

I recognize how lucky I am to have found this sweet spot in my life;

this place where I can quiet my head and hear my heart.

I am anxiously awaiting the clear, crisp fall air this Sunday morning as I stand at the starting line with 18,000 others for the chance to run 13.1 one more time this year.

And for these opportunities, the moments to run, I am incredibly grateful.



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