Dear Future Husband

Dear Potential Suitor,

I live a big life.

A life that is full of hope, joy, laughter.

A life that most days finds me kneeling in prayer, dancing in the kitchen and crying over my cup of yogi tea.

If you enter my life you too will get to be a part of this mess of glorious chaos.

You will have the chance to encounter three of the most precious souls ever created. They won’t need you as their father (they have one they love and cherish dearly). What you will get is a chance to be their friend, their mentor, their partner in crime.

They will love you wholly and unconditionally as they do all of their Momma’s friends. And your heart will grow and stretch in ways you didn’t know it could from something not born out of your genetics. I promise you this, your life will be better lived having known them.

And from me, what can I offer you?

You will get a woman who owns the bruises and the battle scars of a life well lived.

A less judgmental and more forgiving woman then her younger self.

You will get a woman who knows her strengths, acknowledges her weakness’ and lives in the glory of God’s grace on a daily basis.

You will not get perfection.

In fact you will get a women who can be sullen and quiet.

A woman who craves moments alone and obsesses about when she can escape the noise and clutter, find an open road and just run.

I don’t say all of that to scare you away but rather to be completely open about the “good” and the “bad” you will encounter.

I can’t promise you a life of sunshine and rainbows.

I won’t even attempt to.

What I will promise is that together we will grow and stretch in ways that only those engaged in a thoughtful, intimate partnership can.

I don’t know the where and the why’s of how we will come together.

I don’t get a glimpse down the rabbit hole that names the time and the place where you will carve your name on my heart.

Just know that I am here, waiting and open to the possibility of a second chance.

With fondness and respect,



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