Everyone should have a Robin in their life.


Someone whose beauty radiates inside and out.

A women who is generous of spirit, and wickedly talented behind the lens.


Robin makes you forget you are staring at a camera.


She channels your inner joy. Her photos become a reflection of what you radiate.


Not every photographer can do that.

So when my Wittenberg girls and I met for our fourth year of Labor Day celebrations with our families, I trusted Robin to capture the twenty years of friendship.


She found the heart of a friendship that has been my rock.



She found the light in each of us.



The pictures tell the story.


The photograph says it all.


Thank you Robin for being in my life and telling our story.

One thought on “Photograph

  1. Though I may be Robin’s father and though I love her dearly, without predjudice, I couldn’t be more in agreement with the story told above. Her passion for people and her natural talent as a photographer makes the results of her
    artistic work genuine and wonderful.

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