My parents loved to travel.

The five of us piled into our white K-car traversing the east coast each summer.

As we got older the trips got bigger- Iceland, Mexico, Canada.

They wanted my brothers and I to see it all.

And now, more than ever, I want the same for my girls.

Early summer found us traveling a great deal and when my girls screamed “enough” and demanded an August at home I complied.

Then September rolled in and the urge to travel could no longer be squelched.

While Sid and Aud’s days were filled with school, soccer and riding, off Ellie and I went on our grand adventure to Utah.


We landed on a Friday and soaked up the sights and sounds of Salt Lake City. The moment we walked through the gates of Temple Square we could feel the peace of that place.


Saturday saw me run the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay with friends in Park City.

It was hard and that’s all that needs said.


Seeing Ellie’s face as I crossed the finish line was well worth the agony from the climb up the ski slope.

Saturday night we ate dinner on the patio and watched the sky turn red then black.

Those moments will forever be cherished.

Sunday was church, then swimming, then the most amazing dinner with friends.

Love was in that place that evening as little boys tossed a football around and Ellie spent hours chasing her playmates.

On Monday when it came time to leave, I found myself wishing we had just one day more. There was so much more to see and do that we just never got to.


And the big girls would have loved it all- the horses, the zipline, the mountains.

So on Monday night when Ellie and I stumbled through the front door at 9pm, staggering under the weight of our bags and the day of travel, I looked at the joy on the faces of my two eldest and vowed that next time school and activities would not get in the way.

To travel is the greatest teacher of all.





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