Moments from the week and a brief look back

My husband reminded me this morning that it has been over a decade since we lived in DC. This weekend we take our kids for the very first time. We left there as 20 somethings full of appreciation for the city that jump started our careers and now we get to head back and see it through the eyes of our girls. I remember how I hated the hot, crowded summers in DC when taking the metro to and from work you just wished that all of the tourists/families would go home and give you your city back…….hee hee… now we are them. lugging strollers on to the metro, attempting to silence screaming toddlers. ahhh the pain we will inflict on a new generation!

So to wrap up this week here is some of what moved me:

What I listened To:

Hey pretty girl just makes me smile.

And this one. I need not say anything. Just listen and you cant help but move.

What I Am Reading:

This was one of my husband’s finds. Taking it with me on the road this weekend.

What Inspired Me:

Thanks to Rhoe for this one. “Serve where you stand”

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