A Moment Becomes a Memory-Washington DC

This picture pretty much sums up our entire trip to Washington DC.


I could post thousands of pictures of our adventure: girls in front of the White House, girls at the Smithsonian, girls at Mt Vernon, girls at a amusement park in Lancaster, Pa.

But honestly 20 years from now my girls will not remember them. They will look at the pictures and say “Wow Mom we went to the White House?” or “Mom I don’t remember Mt Vernon”.

What they will remember is the moment behind the above picture.

They will remember the feeling of walking into the hotel after long 90 degree days of sightseeing to see the fruit infused water the hotel left for its guests.

They will remember the squeals of delight as they saw which fruits the hotel decided to use that night to flavor the water.

They will remember the taste of  cold water on their tongues and the pure joy in Ellie’s voice as she asked for more.

They will remember Brock and I’s unfiltered laughter as they drained the entire pitcher each night and the hotel staff was forced to come out and refill (smiles on their faces as well).

Learning from this trip-

I can plan millions of adventures for my little family.

I can spend hours mapping out the best venues for fun.

What I cannot force are which moments will become memories.

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