Weekends with Friends

I am continually reminded of how lucky I am to have these women in my life. Women who drop everything to fly thousands of miles to spend the weekend loving on my girls and I. Women who cook me meals and bring them to me at work. Women who text me everyday just to let me know they are thinking of us.

It was Aunt Jen’s turn to fly in this weekend and she brought the ever adorable baby Emma. My girls were over the moon excited for their visit.

How could you not want to spend every waking moment with a face like this?


Emma and Jekyll bonded. Thankfully Emma is the most laid back, happy baby and could care less about all of the “kisses” from him.


I told Jen about Sidney’s frustrations with learning the violin. The first 6 months of learning any new musical instrument can be extremely slow and annoying. Aunt Jen gave Sidney the pep talk and the tools she needed to get over this hump. I caught her playing last night without me reminding her so I do think it worked!



The girls loved the chance to focus their attention on everything Emma. Again most grateful for how relaxed she is. Can you imagine eating dinner with this in your face each time?


We wrapped up the weekend with a visit to Aunt Lisa. While the grown ups ate the house grew a little too quiet. We caught 4 of the 6 little girls in the house doing this-


Yep playing Go Fish. No protests, no arguments just happy times playing a card game on a Sunday night.

The weekend was good for the soul.

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